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14 Brilliant Ideas for Decorating Your Porch This Fall

Simple and inexpensive solutions for a cozy, colorful porch that says "welcome."

As the days get cooler, we may abandon our porches and front stoops in favor of snuggling inside, but fall is a beautiful time of year to transform your porch and make it cozy enough to enjoy the last crisp days of Fall.

With a little strategy and creativity, you can add curb appeal and create a whole new living space just begging for a cup of cider, a good book, or a chat with friends. Read on for simple solutions to transform your porch into a hangout you'll never want to leave.

Layer up your welcome mat. Add a larger, outdoor rug underneath to add more color and texture and to define the space on your porch.

Hang a hoop wreath. Use a wide ribbon to hang on the front door or windows, and choose a spare style adorned with sprigs of dried grass, eucalyptus leaves, and artificial white mums.

Stack your steps. If you have front stairs, take advantage of them as the perfect staging spot for jack o' lanterns, gourds, or pumpkins.

Toss on some blankets. Invite snuggling on the porch by adding inexpensive fleece or flannel blankets to porch swings or seating areas.

Pop on some holiday pillows. Snag some outdoor pillows (or even indoor pillows, if your porch area is pretty sheltered) in fall colors and Halloween themes, and tuck them into porch furniture for a seasonal look.

Mums the word. Fill summer pots, horse troughs, washbasins, wheelbarrows, whatever you have on hand with colorful chrysanthemums. Opt for a mix of hardy varieties—the larger bloomed "football" style, the long-blooming cushion-style, or the fluffy, round button-style varieties.

Reboot the window box. Clear leggy summer flowers and fill your boxes with gourds, ornamental kale, or hardy pansies.

Play with the palette. Consider going all one color for a modern look—like ghost pumpkins, white mums, white pillar candles.

Stack some stalks. Tie corn stalks to porch posts and pillars or tuck into a corner by the front door for extra texture and interest.

Light it up. Refresh your decor with new outdoor porch lights—gooseneck barn lights are trendy and affordable. Put a modern spin on it by choosing a matte black color.

Put some twinkle on it. Add a zig-zag of globe string lights across your porch ceiling for a soft lighting accent. Or for a fairy effect, string strands of LED firefly lights around windows, door frames, or weave through window boxes. Hint: choose ones with copper wires for an autumn feel.

Put out some lanterns. Add real or battery-powered candles (bonus: they work on timers!) and cluster them together in corners, or let them line and light your stairs or a footpath nearby.

Style it with useful items. Store colorful rubber boots and a pretty rake near the door to add interest and be ready when you need to hop out for a quick yard-work session.

Add some inside appeal. To make your porch more inviting, treat it like a living room—add a sisal area rug, a side table or two, and bring out some lamps so you can use it in the cool evening hours.

Adding livable space and charm doesn't have to be expensive, but it's always an investment that pays back double when it comes to the comfort and enjoyment you get from your home.

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14 Brilliant Ideas for Decorating Your Porch This Fall

Simple and inexpensive solutions for a cozy, colorful porch that says "welcome."

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